Photography, often thought of as a luxury unto itself. Often times I hear, “oh well I should really do that”; or “I really need to get that scheduled.” But more often that not those families don’t ever follow through.


Why Photography Matters

Today I want to talk about why photography is important. As a go-getting extrovert, I find myself often reflecting back and not being able to remember anything. Maybe it’s just my “Mom-brain”, but often times I hear people telling stories and I genuinely think, “wow I didn’t remember that.”

When I find myself going through my wedding photo album, or my child’s first year photos I am flooded with not only the emotions, but also the experiences, their feelings, and a sense of joy that those days aren’t over. So even with all those sappy memories, what’s the big deal?

I have come up with a short, but surely not conclusive list, of why I believe it is:

Photography is important because it allows you to take a look at yourself, your kids, your husband, and your family with a lens through which you rarely see them. Those smiles on your children’s faces, how often do you stare at them or marvel at their beauty?

Photography is important because it allows us to “stop and smell the roses”, to enjoy the little things in life.

Photography is important because it documents a moment in time, one that will not soon be forgotten.

Photography is important because it is a benchmark in the fast-paced life we live, it allows us to recall people, places, faces, and loved ones who we will always hold dear.

I truly love being a photographer for these very reasons. I love capturing the joy as a Mom and Son bond over a small flower, or as a Dad and daughter swing through the wind. These are the reasons photography matters, these are the reasons YOU matter.

My encouragement to you, stop making excuses, don’t allow those moments to pass unnoticed.

I want to help you remember the moments that are most important to you. Throughout the month of May I am running a summer mini-session special just for you! You can find out more information here, There are several photo session options for families, individuals, babies, mamas, musicians, boys, girls and the like. And I am happy to customize the session to meet your needs. All photo sessions happen on location using natural light.